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Monday, 14 September 2020

Trendy Kampala Styles For Ladies 2020

Boubou or Kampala styles were mostly perceived as medieval outfits of the 19TH century. If any lady was seen wearing a large and wide top or gown, definitely; she was believed to be a Reverend Sister, heavily Pregnant or a boring Woman out of this space.

'Kampala' as the name sounds is familiar with Uganda, the capital city. But why then is this material called Kampala?... Let's investigate!. 

It's origin relates back to the then primitive Yoruba traditional era, the SouthWestern part of Nigeria. The indigenous tie and die designs on a cotton material after been designed and processed into Adire, is now refurbished into Ankara Kampala.

Just as Dasuki designs, you can also rock Ankara Kampala in this form. Celebrities are tripping for African attires dearly which can be used to design any outfit or accessories. 

Kampala can be worn to any occasion depending on the style you choose. Below are very Stylish and Chic designs to select from for any outing.

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