Thursday, 10 September 2020

Nigerians Blast IHEME NANCY For Calling Instagram User "BushBaby".

Controversy on social media as Nigerian influencer Iheme Nancy calls Instagram user "BushBaby" for objecting against the motion that youths should plan their lives early in a positive way.

Brand influencer and founder of 'Team Paragon Beauty' took to Instagram a word of advice to young Nigerians motivating those from 18 to 30 but it all turned sour when Nigerians blasted her for calling another lady "BushBaby". Though some are for and others are against her idea which logically is right and reasonable.

She's of the motion that every young person from the ages of 18 to 30 should have a saving investment and education not weeds, alcohol and party every weekend. In reality by doing all these you will wake up one day and realize you're 40 years and haven't achieved anything but you only lived to impress others. Link ~

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