Friday, 4 September 2020

Man arrested By SARS For Driving An Expensive Car

Man shares experience of what happened to him while driving inside Ebute Metta yesterday.

The young man whose name is withheld said 'Special Anti-Robbery Squad arrested him because he was driving an expensive car and was never allowed to defend himself. 

The squad was unable to find any evidence of a fraudster on his phone, but went ahead to demand for huge sum of money.

"SARS arrested me yesterday while driving inside Ebute Metta, they never allowed me to defend myself. They couldn't find any evidence of a fraudster on my phone, I had 8K left on me and they forced me to borrow 27K from a friend to make it 35K".

He said he was scared to pay, as this was his first encounter with SARS and didn't want to sleep in their stinking garage. They later realized he was a programmer and their main accusation was that he specialized in building sites for fraudsters. 

He never allowed him go back home to pick his identify card to defend himself.

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