Saturday, 1 August 2020

Do You Believe This Car Is A Cake?

Cakes are special and creamy desserts we use to celebrate weddings, birthdays, promotions, parties and so many other occasions.

Nowadays we see cakes but don't believe with our own eyes are real, indeed... it is real as cakes are going viral. Cake masters are bringing out the latest designs to amaze the world.

Cakes can take the form of anything; ranging from human, animals, furnitures, clothes, drinks and foods. If you may ask how this cakes are made?, 'BakeKing' is taking over the cake industry by using Sugar Paste and Spectrum Flow to do this magic.

Ingredients for these cakes are Funfetti and Chocolate, Vanilla, Buttercream and Chocolate Ganache.

Would you like to eat these cakes or just gaze at them?, They are like every other cake; sweet, tasty and creamy.

This particular "Car Cake" is trending all over social media for his tremendous talent to make the new wedded couple happy.

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