Sunday, 2 August 2020

COVID-19: Meet Sophia The 'Human-Robot' That Will Take Over Our Jobs

Hong Kong based company in Japan have created an artificial intelligence to distinguish between good and evil. Her name is Sophia, a sentiental human-robot.

She has human attributes such as thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Sophia appeared in public on March 2016 in Austin Texas, United States.

She was created from the combination of science, engineering, and artistry. David Hanson, the Scientist who created Sophia couldn't equate her with some unique human features like having a Soul, Intestines, and Breathe.

Sophia is believed to have toured 65 countries around the world and ownership of a Saudi Arabia citizenship. She is immortal and cannot fall sick, grow old or die.

The disadvantage of artificial intelligence is that many will be rendered Jobless in the future; when employers prefer humanoid robots to work in their companies instead of humans. Only what robots need is clothes and not salaries.

Sophia believes thousands of her kind can work effectively during this pandemic.

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