Tuesday, 18 August 2020

CHERRIES: Do You Still Remember The Real Name Of This Fruit?

Childhood is the sweetest part of one's life. No worries, no trouble, sweet sleep, you own the world. Everyone have their different childhood memories, what they loved best then like fruits, ice cream, foods, and of course child's play.

I still see fruits I liked to pluck and eat then in school, even create a play with it. Fruit like Agbalumo (Yoruba) or Udara as the Igbo call it, generally is known as African Cherry Fruit in English. The seed is used to make earrings for girls and play counting seeds in holes on the ground.

Do we still remember this fruit? What is it called in your dialect?, Here are some funny names people say they call it - Oyinbo Pepe, Cherry, Berries, Printanga, Starfruit, Licky Licky, Ubene, Charity, Oyebo Tomatoes, Tomato Berry, Putanga, Berry, Michanga and Gerry.

This fruit is not commonly seen again like in the 90's. Some people have shared their experiences eating this fruit, one lady said it turned her into a beggar and gave another man serious injuries.

So what do you call this fruit?... Like and share your experience below.

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