Wednesday, 17 June 2020

After Paying My Bride Price of 580,000, My Husband Said He Doesn't Owe Me and My Family Again- Wife

The issue of high bride price, a situation where families of women hike/increase the bride price and items required to marry her. This issue should be looked into because it has rendered many men bankrupt who had to pay from their noses in order to marry the woman of their dreams.

A newly married woman has cried out to people for help to save her marriage. The woman withheld her identity, asked the admin of a Facebook group "Relationship and Marriage Tips", a group is known for debating, discussing, and offering relationship/marriage tips and advise.

The admin of the group named "Ogundina Oluwatosin" shared the post as requested by the woman.

According to the story as narrated by the woman through Ogundina Oluwatosin revealed that her husband spends a whooping sum of five hundred and eighty thousand nairas on their traditional wedding which includes bride price and other list given by the parents of the woman.

That after their wedding, the husband has refused to assist her and her family. He refused to take responsibility of supporting the woman's family financially, and the woman cried out that her husband has never acted this way before, not even once in their two years of courtship did he display this act of irresponsibility.

She further narrated, that she has fallen out with her husband as they no longer talk to each other but live as strangers in their home.

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