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Friday, 17 April 2020

Domestic Abuse: Man chains wife to Generator

Domestic abuse is an attempt by one person in a relationship or marriage to dominate and control the other party. Domestic violence and abuse are used to gain total control over you. The Abuser uses fear, guilt, shame and intimidation to weigh you down and keep you under their feet.

A 37 years old man by name Ifeanyi Ajaero chained his 28 years old wife Obiageli to "i pass my neighbour generator", leaving her in that position all night, while he slept comfortably inside the house, in their Sagamu Ogun State residence.

Neighbours have called the attention of the Police who came to rescue Obiageli.

"According to Center for Enlightenment and Protection of African Women's Right", the Neighbours told the police that Ifeanyi batters her almost on a daily basis. Domestic abuse or violence is on the increase daily all over the world; couples should be able to tolerate each other's excesses and forgive easily. What's your take on this????

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