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Davido Baby Mama - Sophie Momodu Pictures

Davido Baby Mama scandal keeps Nigerian fans wondering about their relationship. The whole events of this scandal looks like some kind of drama in a theatre. Still, Nigeria wants to know more about the baby mama of Davido`s child! Take a look at her pictures and their story!

Davido Baby Mama Pictures

The most popular Davido baby mama these days is Sophie Momodu. She wants to get at least a piece of Davido`s fame. Nevertheless, her story is an endless scandal with the .
Sophie Momodu

Obviously, Nigeria enjoys scandals especially if it`s connected with celebrities. Unfortunately for Davido, Sophie Momodu can provide a lot of scandals in the media!

Sophie Momodu is related to the Ovation CEO Dele Momodu. She has a significant difference in age with Davido. (She is six years older than him). One of the first people who blurted out the information to the press was a member of Davido`s team.

Davido did not, at first, acknowledge the child when Sophie Momodu first announced that she was pregnant for him. It was only after a DNA test was done, that he accepted his fatherhood tole and worked together with his baby mama.

The truth is that Davido knew who the girl was and was in a relationship with her, but he did not expect a baby out of their relationship.

Sophie Momodu is a very beautiful woman. She keeps posting her pictures on Facebook and Instagram. It seems that she wants to be as popular as Davido. Take a look the first Davido baby mama pictures.

Still, if she looks like an angel on the outside she is definitely not as demure on the inside. She recently crowned herself the President of Davido Baby Mama Association.

She holds a grudge with Davido as he does not want to make her his wife. There was even another Davido baby mama scandal, which he talked about on Snapchat.

Love is blind! It seems that neither Davido nor Sophie Momodu enjoys each other company these days. They have been in this tumultuous relationship for two years now. It seems that no progress has been made since the beginning of this conflict.

Moreover, the appearance of other baby mamas will only intensify the relationship drama. Nigeria hopes that Davido Baby mother and child will stay healthy and happy regardless of the scandals!

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