Saturday, 28 July 2018

mother plays prank on her baby with a glove filled with rice

mother plays prank on her baby with glove filled with rice

Motherhood is one of the greatest moments in a woman's life, but the stress of keeping up with babies a times seems to be a menace. Tenderness and attention are things babies primarily can't do without. A nursing mother in California has found a cheat to save her from all the stress. She fills an hand glove with rice, place it on the back of her baby while he lies tenderly on a cot.

she wrote:

  • Baby is sleeping.keep a good eye out.idk abt it though.You gotta be sure no rice slips out.Heaven forbid the baby choking on 1 grain of it.It's tough having a newborn.Great u trying dear mom.God bless u

mothers what's your take on this! is the prank really worth the baby's stress?

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