Thursday, 22 February 2018

Woman Lost 165 Pounds All to Self-Love and Self-Kindness

Woman Lost 165 Pounds All to Self-Love and Self-Kindness

Alyssa Cerez 28, 5'2" tall shares her inspiring story with Yahoo Lifestyle series of how she shed pounds healthfully. In 2012 after years of struggling with weight loss, she thought of her life, career and health which led to definite turning point.

'Just before my 23rd birthday i began to realize i never actually liked my body', i asked myself, "if it were my last day on Earth, would i still loathe the body i was in?".The first step was to practice self-love and self-kindness. This body is my home, i would practice smiling at myself and my body in the mirror.

After practicing self love and kindness, Alyssa made small changes to her lifestyle and eating choices. she mapped out meat and diaries out of her diets, and replaced them with vegetables and other sources of protein. she regained confidence by working out in crowd, walking miles to each day on a treadmill.

'If i am feeling sad or depressed, as hard as it seems, i get myself outside of the house. When i am outside in nature the world expands: birds come into view, deer enter the trail and the wind blows away my stresses as i continue moving forward'.

Find a practice of self-love and self-care. Some people love therapy or talking it out with friends, or with themselves in the mirror.

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