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Monday, 12 February 2018

Are Leggings still in style 2018

leggings for small and extra large
leggings for small and extra large

Are leggings still in style or still booming in the fashion world? one trend that has always reigned supreme over the last few seasons. Looking for new ways to rock a new look this 2018, then try this stylish leggings from and Winter is setting in due to lack of sun.

x shaped style
X-Shape Style

yoga style
Yoga Style

different stylish leggings
Different Stylish Leggings

victoria high waisted leggings
Victoria High Waisted Leggings

Leggings are also a good shot for leisurewear- working out and staying healthy on the inside and out. Winter is not a discouragement for workout but time for more.... in the Africa setting, wearing leggings with a short top, depicts one as irresponsible and street filed. Different people and culture have their reserved perspective about body exposure especially leggings.

Leggings are still in style this 2018 and very well in fashion with these new styles, most people would ask "what's the better way to wear leggings and still be commended responsible"? leggings are worn casual, to work and club; best coupled with sneakers, flat shoes, stylish slippers and hoodies.

hold on tight seamless leggings
Hold on Tight Seamless Leggings

stylish leggings
Stylish Leggings


                 stylish ways to wear leggings

How do you wear them without looking like a 4-hour Netflix binge?

  • tie a denim jacket around your waist

  • topping off the look with a sheer cluster jacket and wide-brim jacket

  • keep it casual by styling leggings with a cropped Tommy jeans, sweat shirt or aviators

  • pair it with an over-sized concert toe shirt, dad hat and sneakers

  • keep the look polished by pairing with a cropped top.

Here's a list of present styles ranging fom $5-$37 every fashion girl would like to stock up her wardrobe with this coming spring...

  1. classic seamless biker
  2. camo basic leggings
  3. classic seamless leggings
  4. shaper seamless compression leggings
  5. new essential fleece
  6. effortless fleece leggings
  7. new essential fleece
  8. ripped to shreds leggings
  9. hold on tight seamless leggings
  10. sammi fleece lined leggings
  11. look but don't touch leggings
  12. shanaya fleece lined print
  13. yes fleece III leggings magneta
  14. valerie vahut leggings
  15. always in bloom brushed
  16. victoria high waisted
  17. almost daily layering leggings 
  18. madeline high rise printed
  19. plaid the game leggings
  20. effortless fleece leggings.

  1. Of course leggings are still in style, and they will remain so in the future too. And with different brands coming up with amazing designs, styles and trying out various types of fabrics and materials, there is always a lot of variety to choose from when one needs to purchase a legging.


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