Sunday, 12 November 2017

My Hair Started Falling Out: Insanity Disease Of Heroin Addiction

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A woman named Maggie, (who prefers not to share her last name publicly) recently wrote a post on Reddit, reads, "55 days clean today! recovering heroin addict". There's always hope, never give up man, so grateful to be here and wake up everyday".

Meggie's message was short, but the story she shared with 'YAHOO LIFESTYLE' was incredibly intense.

She was originally addicted to crack cocaine. She entered a treatment facility for it last year, where she met a guy named Chris, whom she started dating. They left rehab together, and he shot her up with heroin, " I became addicted instantly and fell in love"; and when money became right, I wasn't eating everyday and relied on Chris and his brother.

Maggie says Chris and his brother started doing method, and things quickly went even more downhill from there. The method would make them paranoid "she says", they once locked me in a bathroom with them for eight hours because they thought people were inside our room.

Maggie say, she decided to write her Reddit post because she's happy to be alive I'm very proud of where I am currently in my life". She acknowledges that it can be hard to get clean but says that other people who are struggling should know it's worth it.

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