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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

How to become an image consultant or wardrobe stylist

As you remember, we told that the first step of stylist career in the world of Fashion is profession of Image Consultant and Personal Stylist.

Today we'll talk about who is an Image Consultant and what are the professional activity peculiarities that exist here.

All the stylists that work with individual clients and create images and styles for them can be divided into 2 groups: Wardrobe Stylists or Personal Shoppers and Image Consultants.

What is the difference?
Image consultant and Personal Stylist

Who is it?

This is a person that mostly works with private clients who are interested to invest in their image and style to be successful in a private and business life. Consults people on their style, helps people to assemble their wardrobe, searching the best options for shopping,
helps a client to find his image and style, providing colour and body/shape analyses etc.
Image consultant works with ordinary people and with celebrity.

An image consultant profession includes such specialisations like wardrobe styling, personal shopping, celebrity and personal styling.

How to become an Image consultant:

* First of all you need an education in image and style
It’s important to study only in contemporary fashion schools where you can get the most up to date knowledge and skills because fashion changes very quick.

What was stylish and fashionable in 90s today is old-fashion. You should be able to make wardrobe analyses, colour and body shape analyses, organise personal shopping and image consultations.

▪ You should be a communicative person because during image services you will be communicating a lot with different people.
▪ You can be any age, sex or education. What is more important – you should have a fashion sense

Would you like to try yourself as a image consultant?

Wardrobe stylist and Personal Shopper

Wardrobe stylist is a person who assist clients in choosing and putting together clothing, accessories and footwear to help her/him to look more stylish and fashionable.

▪ He organises, plans and undertakes wardrobe for people
▪ He creates special looks for occasion (for example look for a ceremony for celebrity or look for a wedding)
▪ The clients of a wardrobe stylist may include everyday people, celebrities or public figures
▪ He can go through a client’s wardrobe and assess which items can stay and which items to exclude
▪ Salary of a wardrobe stylist can be 200-650 EUR per day

How to become a wardrobe stylist:

▪ You should have a fashion sense and be able to create original and stylish outfits for different people
▪ You should study as a wardrobe stylist to be expert in fashion and style.
Usually, this profession is as
a wardrobe stylist to be expert in fashion and style,
is also connected with personal shopping.

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