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Monday, 23 October 2017

Adverse Effects Of Some Chemicals Used In Cosmetics

Cosmetics are preparations used to beautify the skin complexion, eyes, hair, lips, and nails e.g lotions, shampoos, soaps, conditioners. Frequency of use depends on the user, it could be once daily, more than once daily, weekly, monthly, occasionally to improve the skin appearance.

Substances produced by a chemical process have adverse effects on the skin, contrast with natural substances examples from leaves, roots, sticks and presence of chemicals in cosmetics. Harmful nature of chemicals in cosmetics: Damage to hair, skin and body, organs; cause of diseases like cancer, diaper rash, seborrhea dermatitis, psoriasis, Acne, itchy bumps, eczema, shingles and Rosacea. Cosmetics penetrate deep into the skin and this toxic chemicals and carcinogens result to "Skin Cancer".


Examples Of Chemicals In Cosmetics and The Harm They Cause

Butyl Acetane: Used in nail strengtheners and polishes can cause dizziness or drowsiness.

Coal tar: Used in anti- dandruff and anti- itch creams can cause cancer of the skin.

Formaldehyde: Used in baby bath soaps, nail polishes, eye lashes adhesives and hair dyes can cause immune system toxicity, respiratory irritation and even cancer.

Fragrance: Can cause obesity, skin allergies, discolourations, violent coughing and dizziness.

Lead: If used in tooth paste, lipstick and hair dyes can cause brain damage, and development delays in humans.

Mercury: Found in eye make-up, mascaras,ccan cause allergies, skin irritations, neurological damage.

Talc: Found in eye shadow, deodorant and soap- can cause ovarian cancer and lung tumors.

Avoid using cosmetics which contain the harmful chemicals. Make sure the cosmetics you are using has a certified (Food and Drug Administration and Control) number. Read the ingredients on the pack tonmake sure that the cosmetics does not contain any harmful chemical.


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