Sunday, 15 October 2017

A Woman Accused US Rapper Nelly of Sexual Assault Has Asked The Police To Stop Their Investigation

US rapper Nelly was arrested last week on the accusation laid against him during his tour in a town outside Seattle, a woman accused him of rape/sexual assault as she asked the police to stop investigation.

The woman's lawyer 'Karen Koehler' posted a letter on her website saying the woman is telling Auburn and King County prosecutor's office to put a halt on the investigation of "Cornell Haynes Jnr.", Nelly's real name. The woman went on to say that she will not testify in criminal proceedings against him, saying the woman "wishes she had not called call because she believes the system is going to fail her" and she wants this to end".

Nelly-who will be on tour after releasing his seventh studio album M.O-is due to play 15 shows this November around the UK. Following the accusations, the singer took to Twitter to deny the "false allegation in a string of tweets", the father of two also apologized to his family for 'putting himself in a situation where he could be victimized.

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