Saturday, 23 September 2017

Lizzy Anjorin calls 99% of Women Born Witch, Stingy and Heartless

Lizzy Anjorin has described most women as witch, stingy and heartless. Moment you have one woman, stay away from other women, stay away from friends/family; if possible take her to everywhere like your mobile phone.....if you can do all this you will be at peace for the rest of your life but if you can't do all my brother you are in trouble. It takes the glory of God to survive it, u will see her praying for you but when you turn back it's a curse, her thought becomes evil and she will be contemplating on whether to pack out, quit or kill you; she will become HEARTLESS........

All these happen to men because they are not smart and are evil to themselves, don't let your woman see any evil traces in you and always remember every woman that suffered with you.

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