Wednesday, 27 September 2017

How Can You Combine Light And Darkness: Bishop David Oyedepo and Lil'wayne Birthday Collage

Tundeednut under fire for collaging Bishop Oyedepo's picture with that of Lil'wayne, some Nigerians have critized the wrong impression by voicing out their minds, that there's nothing like Light and Darkness, the white man religion called Christianity has really done more harm than good, they are both humans and God hasn't condemned Lil'wayne yet.

God has made them share same birthday and no one should judge another "even Bishop David Oyedepo will not see anything wrong, "the devil we know is better than the hidden one'', nobody is holier than the other* people will be surprised on judgement day. Some made their choice between the two celebrants, " I choose Lil'wayne anyday anytime", "Nigerians out there worshipping their pastors are they not both humans? or is Oyedepo super human or immortal?" Go and watch 'how to love' video by Lil'wayne and you will understand life, bunch of hypocrites should receive sense!

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