Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Get Motivated With Ono Bello

Get Motivated with Ono Bello
OnoBello.com is giving out half a million naira instant cash support to 10 entrepreneurs.The company organisers quarterly event aimed at hosting entrepreneurs and SMEs across Nigeria. Entrepreneurs all working on projects and disrupting new markets, the event is open and calls for any aspiring entrepreneur that wants to network with other like-minded individuals.

Business ideas will be shared, investment opportunities, marketing techniques, branding and so much more. The event is aimed at teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses especially SMEs. Professional speakers will be at the event to give inspiration to entrepreneurs on business management.

OneBello.com aim at giving........

Get Motivated With Ono Bello
  • Half a million naira instant cash support to 10 entrepreneurs
  • 50 young entrepreneurs in Attendance
  • Talks from leading entrepreneurs and professionals in business
Networking loads of fun and more, all these to help grow business vin specific areas.

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