Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Man Pays Undergraduate Runs Girl #2000 Instead of #20 000 after having S*X

Agreement gone sour as an unknown man***(name withheld) promised to pay an undergraduate of Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) #20 000 after having s*x with the Runs Girl  but played a *SMART* guy by deceiving the girl paying the student off with #2000 after dropping her at the school gate. Drama ensued as she called passers by to narrate her ordeal. The man was asked if they had an agreement to pay her #20 000 after the one nightstand, but he made claims that they never said anything about paying her such an amount and should have been told she was a pr*st*tute, before accepting her into his car.

He explained to the public that he only has two thousand naira in his pocket and no additional money to pay her. The Runs Girl refused stepping down from the car unless she's paid #20 000 claiming "he made me believe all that he said with his exotic car convinced me of him been capable of paying such an amount".The matter attracted the attention of the police where they all drove out of the school vicinity.

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