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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Caught in the Act while Checking on Me

Often wondered if someday I would leave my sweetie boo for 5 years? Jamil has been the most lovely man i ever met, he gives me the most expensive jewelries, dresses, clothes, shoes, expensive Gucci bags and a lot more of designers collections. If you call it money, I call it moniiieeee...... His got it and up to the task.

My fiance did a secret observation on me by employing a sexy, muscular, hairy and handsome latino dude " lindo guapo" to check on me...what!!! Is that really necessary? but Jamil just did that.... okay hold it still telling my story****** my boo is nice but money isn't everything, I was still incomplete, the care he gives to the LOVE aspect was just too low for my liking; I give that 30% for my satisfaction, he gives all his attention to job, seminar and comes back lying on bed as a log of wood, am not a s@x freak, but the feeling of being loved in the actual sense Jamil wasn't prepared for that but believes money was all we needed to keep the relationship going.

Rodriguez my fiancé's employee really did his best 'cos he checked well on me, my problem wasn't if Jamil was always busy but since Rodriguez started checking on me I forgot Jamil's touch and money. This guy really had the magic touch and sexuality of satisfying a woman like me' should I go with the flow of money or the satisfaction of sex? I asked myself, the saying that money answers all thing but sex I say strengthens a relationship.

My fiancé travelled to Puerto Rico for a week, taught that would be a good time for Rodriguez to check on me, unexpectedly not knowing Jamil's contractors had a job for him so he came back before the day he had planned coming to the US. "I was CAUGHT in the ACT" am Adrianna and this is my love story, I have lost my moniiieeee and drills, is checking on your girlfriend or wife really necessary or s@x the main reason for Love? " focus on what gives you satisfaction and decide on your own whom you want to be with!!!

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