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Friday, 5 May 2017

Tanzania Dishes

Tanzania dishes usually consist of meat stews or grilled chicken accompanied by staples including chips, green bananas or ugali (maize meal porridge eaten all over Africa). Foods in Tanzania greatly depend on where you reside in the country.

Dar es Salaam is fairly cosmopolitan city, a good choice for local and international restaurant, many Tanzanians have a significant population of immigrants from Indian sub- continent and restaurants serving Indian dishes.

The Swahili culinary is flavoured by spices and coconut milk, fragrant rice and a full range of Sea food.

Nyama choma: Barbecued meat   Ugali: maize meal porridge    Manadazi: A fried dough ball that resembles a savoury doughnut.

Kachumbari: spicy tomatoes relish served with meat

Wali Wa Nazi: rice cooked with coconut milk

Mchuzi Was Kamba: prawn curry with tomatoes

Matoke: plantains boiled and served with stews

Mishkaki: spicy barbecued kebabs

Konyagi: A popular and frightful strong gin

Duckling Dar es Salaam: cooked duckling with tomatoes, red peppers and onions

Chai: Tanzanian tea, usually served sweet, milky and very hot in small glasses.

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