Wednesday, 31 May 2017

My brother in-law Beats me at the slightest excuse in my Matrimonial Home - married woman tells stunning story

An obviously aggrieved woman has cried out about what her brother in-law does to her in her matrimonial home.

Am a mother of two my husband abandoned me and ran away leaving me alone with the children. His brother packed in as to take care of his brother's property; my husband relocated to another town and married a new wife.

My brother in-law punches and beats me at the slightest excuse. There is nobody to rescue me from him because only the two of us are living in the house my husband built.

His brother has been brutalising me; there was a day he beats me to the point that I was hospitalized.

I asked my husband to either get an apartment for his brother or look for an alternative accommodation for my children.

My brother in-law brings his gang to the house to smoke and drink, I am no longer comfortable as they can harm me one day "the estranged wife cries". I filed the case to the court but my husband refused to appear before the court saying " he provides all the children needs and mine as well".

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