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Monday, 1 May 2017

Cherokee Woman

The Cherokees originally lived in villages built along the rivers of Western North Carolina, North Western South Carolina, Northern Georgia, and Eastern Tennessee.The white who visited those villages in the early 1700s, where surprised by the privileges and rights of the Indian woman.

The most surprising to the Europeans was the Cherokee's matrilineal kinship system. A person is related only to people on his mother's side. His relatives are those who can be traced through her to his Brothers and Sisters. He is also related to his mother's mother (grandmother), his mother's sisters (aunts), his mother's brothers (uncles) and not related to his father.

Women were Heads of Cherokee households, those white men who married Indian women were shocked to discover that the Cherokees did not consider them to be related to their own children, and that mothers, not fathers had control over the children. A husband lived in the household of his wife ( and her mother and sisters ), if they aren't getting along well and decided to separate, the husband went home to his mother while the children remained with their mother in her home. The Cherokee women were seen as an important Figure, they had a voice in Government, decision making, fighting war beside the Cherokee men, the Cherokees called these women  "War Women" who were also given the privilege to advise peace.

By 1800s, the Cherokees had lost their independence and had become dominated by white Americans. The white did not believe that it was proper for women to fight wars, vote, speaking in public, work outside the home or even control their own children. The Cherokees began to imitate whites and the Women lost much of their power and prestige. Today women ha e had to struggle to acquire many of those nights which Cherokee women once freely enjoyed.

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