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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Fashion Travel Essentials

Travelling is fun, you need to be prepared for the sunny and raining weather or even the snowfalls. Well..... I have a list of the necessary items you need to sustain the journey and enjoy your stay. But this is just for the ladies.

  1. An Easy Cleaner

I absolutely love make up wipes for travel since they are airplane friend (non-liquid) and can be stashed in your bag easily, they are the perfect flight companion, I even use them for my arms, hands, necks and chest if I'm feeling grimy.
    2. Headphones

    Nothing is worse than boarding a train or plane and realizing you've left behind your headphones, this pair is highly quality and super stylish they also fold up nicely and fit easily into your bag.

    3. Comfy Shoes

    Weaving your comfy ( and trendiest ) trainers on the flight is the best decision, since they are bulkier than other shoes you won't have to worry about them taking up room and your feet will thank you.

    4. Sunnies

    With early morning travel + no makeup sunnies are my best friend. They help me feel pulled together when getting to my destination.

    5. Chic Flats

    I love keeping chic flats in my carry on. This way upon getting to my destination I can easily switch out of my trainers.

    6. Large Tote

    My favourite way to pack is with a standard carry on suitcase and then a large Tote Bag that doubles as my purse while on the trip.

    7. Fun Hat

    A hat is the perfect travel accessory- keeping you looking Chic and combating not so great hair days due to hotel room blow dryers.

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