Monday, 13 March 2017

A visit to Cyprus

The pool terrace at Modus Vivendi

Poolside at the ultra-chic lond beach Hotel.
  • Cyprus is a major tourist destination in the Mediterranean with an advanced high income economy and a very high Human development index, Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after the Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia. It is also the World's 51st largest by population.
  • Apokryfo lives up to it's name(which means " hidden away") by requiring careful navigation unwinding country lanes from limassol into the troodos foothills, and then wooing you with style- mag interiors and classy mezze cuisine when you get there. 
  •  Or little lodge, just down the road in Maroni, makes a gorgeous alternative with just cosy rooms on a B&B basis(or book both if coming en famille) and the warmest of welcomes from British owners Elsa and Elive, it's a real gem.
  • The chic-lond beach hotel, at this stage,to come to clean and mention the one which disappoint me about cyprus; the beaches.Rock overrun with longest sandiest ones are spoiled by huge hotels (and I mean huge: 300-5 rooms) while the smaller covers tend to be shingly, Seaweedy in the case of much Vaunted Aphrodite's Rock- overrun with bus loads of Russians and piles rolling up their trousers to take cheery snaps o each other in the shallows.
  • When next you think of a  place to spend your holidays try CYPRUS👪......💕

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